St. Louis School Shooter Had Gun Taken Days Before Shooting

Orlando Harris

The gunman who opened fire at a high school in St. Louis was recently flagged by the FBI yet the St. Louis school shooter was still sold an AR-15 that he used to kill two people and injured several others.

When Orlando Harris,19, went to purchase a firearm from a licensed establishment, his background check alerted the system. Thus blocked the sale. But that didn’t stop the mass shooter. He would purchase it via a third party privately. Thankfully, the boys’ mom had already been skeptical of the febricity of her son’s mental health during that time. So when they spotted the rifle in the home, they called the police.

Despite the Harris’ giving the gun to a family member to keep, Orlando was still able to gain hold of the weapon and use it to commit the mass school shooting on October 27, killing a student and a teacher with the weapon.

This image provided by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department shows an AR-15-style rifle they say was used by a 19-year-old gunman at a St. Louis high school on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022.

St. Louis School Shooter Had His Taken from Him Days Before Shooting

“Officers responded and determined at that time the suspect was lawfully permitted to possess the firearm,” the statement obtained by CNN affiliate KMOV reads. “A third party known to the family was contacted and took possession of the firearm so that it would no longer be stored in the home.”


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