Blueface Baby Finally Defends Jaidyn Alexxis


Per usual Thotiana rapper Blueface Baby is making a lil wave on social media after his children’s mother, Jaidyn Alexxus has been doing interviews with various bloggers.



Blueface’s friend with benefits, Chrisean Rock stays in the blogs because she’s constantly speaking on Jaidyn….recently she tweeted that lately Jaidyn is only receivng attention because she’s gaining clout from her (Chrisean’s) name.

But Blueface said aht aht!!

Chrisean Rock Is Livid With Bluefaces Response

Chrisean is Big Mad

They’re constantly in social media news because of drama normally stemming from Chrisean Rock spazzing out on Blueface. She’s constantly having meltdowns and fighting various people. Recently, she admitted her and Blueface’s last physical altercation that resulted in her having a bloody face was because she had too much Casa Migos and attempted to kill herself. Initially, she went live on IG saying Blueface abused her just because she was trying to get away from him while they were out together somewhere in the car.

She’d claimed in the midst of an argument, she tried to get away and he punched her in the face, resulting in a black eye and bloody nose.

Then she got back on live the next day or so, stating she’d blacked out and tried to commit suicide. Thus, Blueface tried to stop her and she lost mental capacity and started swinging on him. He in turn defended himself and resulted in her bloody face. whew chile….

The fact of the matter is that Chrisean Rock needs help and should focus on her career. Whatever that is….meanwhile Blueface and Jaidyn Alexxus have been together since high school. They share his only two children together. Their son was here before Chrisean even met Blueface and the pair now share a newborn daughter. But for whatever reason, Chrisean’s fans like to bash Jaidyn Alexxus.

It’s beyond absurd because Jaidyn minds her business and was left with a newborn child. So seemingly women would naturally advocate for the stay at home mom who has to see all these shenanigans while pulling out her breast to feed a newborn that she’s taking care of on her own most of the time, without consistent aid from Blueface.


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