Jeff Bezos Owns Everthing Else, Might As Well Own The Commanders Too

Jeff Bezos Considering Buying Washington Commaner Football Team

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and former CEO is a smart man. And from the looks of it, a very rich one too. Even though he sold Amazon, his greatest fortune, he is still very wealthy and continues to make wise investments with his capital. Not to mention, these days you can’t be caught by surprise by any of his latest inventions or investments. Currently, he’s thinking of taking Dan Snyder at his offer to own the Washington Commanders football team.

According to PEOPLE, Bezos is “looking into buying the Washington Commanders.” 

Forbes broke the news early in the day that the Snyders had hired Bank of America to explore selling either pieces of the team or the entire franchise. Less than a half hour later, the Commanders issued a statement confirming the report.

While in the past, Snyder has always emphasized his loyalty to the team. But now he is seemingly willing to take a back seat at this juncture. He’s been accused of not running the team properly, along with sexual offenses as well. He’s seemingly willing to bow out gracefully. And it won’t hurt if he’s able to make a few dollars off the sell of the team. But who knows…..


How Much Would It Cost Jeff Bezos to Purchase the Commanders

Undoubtedly, the baseline for the Commanders would be $5 billion, with a good chance the number would climb over $6 billion. Jeff Bezos could certainly swing that, right? And it could go as high as $7 billion. Subsequently, one team executive compared the Commanders to where legacy Premier League soccer teams were 20 years ago in the U.K.—when international bidders came in to buy franchises they’d labeled as undervalued, distressed assets. Nonetheless, the obvious one drawback is that whoever the next owner is would have to make a second significant investment to get a new stadium built.

The belief is the coveted site of old RFK Stadium in D.C. would open up for the Commanders with Snyder out of the picture, and the new owner could then leverage the right deal for it, with Maryland and Virginia involved in the bidding. That stadium, likely with a roof, would host a Super Bowl that would bring in the sort of global power from the business and political world that having last year’s Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium did from the entertainment world.

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