Oregon’s Mayor Arrested For Attempted Murder Due To Road Rage

According to ABC News, a mayor of a small town in Oregon is in custody after he fired multiple gunshots at a family of four. The incident took place on Halloween night at 8:43 pm according to police.

Apparently, the family of four was driving on Highway 281 near Fairland Road, when they noticed a man driving sporadically. Naturally, the

“As the family passed the suspect vehicle, a male subject stepped out of the passenger side and fired multiple rounds from a handgun at the passing family,” said the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

press release

In just 24 hours following the incident, investigators were able to identify the shooter as Dowen Jones, the mayor of Rufus, Oregon.

The mayor of a town is supposed to advocate, build and protect its citizens. Not put them in harm’s danger or cause danger. So absurd. The mayor who is also a photographer will not be running again. Despite the gunfire causing damage to the victim’s vehicle, thankfully no one was hurt. He was arrested and later booked at Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility in The Dalles.

Jones faces one count of attempted murder and four counts of first-degree attempted assault. Meanwhile, the investigation is still on going, according to the sheriff’s office.


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