Footage Of Argument With Quavo Moments Before Shootout At Bowling Alley

In the video, around 2:30 am, Quavo gets loud but not too disrespect. He’s clearly a little agitated and raises his voice at the person.


The rapper also mentions “basketball” at least twice, though some reports claim the altercation broke out over a dice game.

Meanwhile Page Six reported that in a press conference on Tuesday the Houston Police confirmed that the suspect in Takeoff’s murder is still on the loose. However on Wednesday various news outlets are alleging that the shooter was an insider who knew Takeoff very well.

“We are looking for any information at this time,” Sgt. Michael Arrington, the lead investigator on the case, said. “We know the media has received a lot of phone calls, text messages, tweets, vines, videos. We need all of y’all to send those to us so we can solve this case.”

One individual — possibly Takeoff — says “I don’t get down like that!” seconds before gunfire erupts.

During the altercation, you can hear in the video a single shot erupted and sent the crowd running. Regardless, after several seconds, at least ten more shots, potentially from two guns, were fired in quick succession, the video shows.

Additional footage obtained by TMZ showed Quavo and others trying to move Takeoff’s body before they put him back down and shouted for help.


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