Twitter Loses Employees Amid Elon Musk Takeover

Several employees allegedly walked out of the Twitter San Francisco headquarters carting boxes of belongings, according to Bloomberg.

Elon Musk

Though he has vowed that Twitter will not become a “free-for-all hellscape,” Musk reportedly plans deep staff cuts that would gut teams that oversee content.


Despite Musk posting a letter to advertisers saying he wants Twitter to be a forum where rival viewpoints can be debated in a “healthy manner”; US auto giant General Motors said Friday it has “temporarily paused” paid ads on the platform.

Subsequently, after Elon Musk became owner of the blue app last Thursday; four top execs were also escorted out the same California headquarters. The cutback rides on the back of Musk’s promise to shareholders that he would knock out 75 percent of Twitters workforce. Since Musk spoke to the social media company’s employees in June, hundreds have reportedly left Twitter in what appears to be a Musk-fueled exodus. 

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“People are freaking,” said one current employee; a sentiment solidified by the arrival of a “small battalion of new lawyers” at headquarters this week.


Twitter Employees Are Having A Tough Time Communicating Their Feelings

Understandably, of the employees left standing, they claim they feel arrested in their abilities to communicate their fears and thoughts.

“There have been no internal comms about the departures,” one employee said. “No internal comms about anything, really.”


Moreover, employees have taken communications away from Slack, for fear that it could further jeopardize their roles. “ELON IS WATCHING,” one employee texted. Importantly, employees told Forbes that they are more-so depending on social media and other communicative outlets as voice advocates.

Citing two people reportedly familiar with Twitter’s operations and attrition rate; Insider noted that about 100 employees left the social media company in the three weeks after the Tesla CEO’s virtual meeting.

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