Chrisean Rock Releases A Statement After The Domestic Violence Allegations

Over the weekend, Baltimorean Chrisean Rock had the internet in a frenzy after she posting a video of herself all bloody and battered in the face. She even alleged that Blueface abused her for trying to get away from him. Come to find out that was not the case. Per usual, she was the aggressor in this situation and admitted to it.

Facebook/Chrisean Rock

Now how she got the bruised face, that part is still unclear. However, Rock is alluding that Blueface defended himself against her after she attacked him for trying to stop her from jumping out of a moving vehicle on the highway. Oddly enough, Chrisean Rock has a strong fan base and they are concerned for her. But this weekend proved that she is more of the toxic one in this fiasco of a relationship.


It’s obvious she needs help. Thus the video she posted over the weekend solidified her cry for help.

“I just blacked out,” the influencer shrugged as she made her statement on Instagram live. In all of her videos, as she records live in her everyday life, she’s normally drinking alcohol and taking shots. Lots of them.

“I had a bad trip last night…the Casa Migos…” she said in a bonnet on IG live Sunday.


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