Actor Leslie Jordan Passes Away from Shortness of Breath


After complaining of shortness of breath for weeks leading up to his death, he had a cardiologist appointment he’d set that he never made it to.

Sources close to the “American Horror Story” star told TMZ that Jordan was feeling unwell for three weeks and was scheduled to see his doctor within the next week to determine if he was suffering from any underlying conditions.

Just one day before his death, the “Will & Grace” star recorded a video of himself singing an original “hymn” about the afterlife.


During the course of the actor’s career, he found work on television in shows like “The Fall Guy,” “Designing Women” and “The People Next Door.” On Wednesday, the Will & Grace director reflected upon Lesley’s work and the origin of his Emmy award winning television character. Jeff Greenstein, the director of the show shared with a news outlet that Leslie replaced Joan Collins on the sitcom, completely winning them over from day one.

As an openly gay actor, many people within the LGBTQ community looked up to Jordan.

“You know kids from smaller towns would come up to me with tears in their eyes and tell me, ‘You have no idea. Watching “Will & Grace” was all I had. And I think wow, but I get it,” Jordan said.

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