Students And Faculty Gather Outside Of A St. Louis High School After A Gunman Just Opened Fire-Killing Two People

Another Mass Shooting At A High School Took Place Monday Killing Two People

Almost a year to the date of the Oxford HS school shooter; here we have another shooter at a St. Louis high school Monday. Three people have been reported dead, including the gunman. The police shot and killed the shooter as he was pronounced dead at the hospital he was rushed to. Meanwhile, the two victims ( a woman and a teenager) who passed away; were also rushed to the hospital where they were pronounced dead as well. However altogether there were eight people taken to the hospital.


“This is a heartbreaking day for all of us,” Commissioner Mike Sack said in a news press. He continues, “It’s gonna be tough. While on paper we may have nine victims…we have hundreds of others. Everyone who survived is going to take home trauma.”

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Injuries range from shrapnel to gunshot wounds; as they are being currently treated, according to Sack.


Meanwhile, officers are notifying families of the horrific news. Additionally, the suspect has not been positively identified yet.

What Led To The Shooting At The St. Louis High School

Apparently, officers received a dispatched call for an active shooter at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis around 9:10 am. Secondly, officers arrived “within a couple minutes” and “immediately” entered the school, according to reports. Once officers arrived, students led police to the shooter who was “armed with a long gun.” Regardless, officers ran toward the gun shots while simultaneously exchanging gunfire with the active shooter. Finally, police shot g him down on the third floor of the school.

Hopefully, since the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, there has been a more notable protocol in place. And in this case, it seems the officers were well trained and quickly responded for the protection of the students.

“The officers did an amazing job,” Sack told the press. By 10:45 am the building was secure as the shooter was apprehended at that point and later died at the hospital, with two other victims.

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A member of the St. Louis Police Department investigates the scene of a shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School Monday, Oct. 24, 2022, in St. Louis.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Crystal Quade, Missouri House Minority Leader is calling for emphasized accountability in regard to mass shootings particularly inside of schools. Unfortunately, there have been at least 39 school shootings this year leaving people dead and injured.


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