Chicago Woman Jailed For Dismembering Her Landlord

A Chicago woman appeared in front of a judge Thursday for the gruesome Jeffrey Dahmer-ish incident that took place this week. Sandra Kolalou, 36, murdered her landlord; cut his body up and froze him after he tried to evict her. Furthermore, the body of the landlord was found in a freezer at a Far North Side boarding house.

Chicago Police Department

The woman was ordered to be held in custody without bail.


It’s Hard To Believe This Type Of Crime Still Exists

Not to mention the fact that it’s a woman is even more bizarre. Regardless, she’s been charged with first degree murder of 69 yr. old Frances Walker. In all honesty, the victim owned the house on the Northwest Side of the city where the suspect was residing. Chicago Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihab announced Wednesday that the woman is additionally charged with concealment of a homicide after she committed the horrific crime, then tossed the victim’s remains into Lake Michigan.

This Is Not The First Offense For The Chicago Woman

Apparently Kolalou was arrested back in January for attacking an elderly woman inside a condo building, and allegedly forcing an inhaler into the victim’s mouth, according to arrest report. On top of that, the woman plead guilty in 2012 to two misdemeanor counts of simple battery.


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