Hurricane Ian Victim Drowned In Naples Apartment


Sadly, another death is reported amid the ghastly hurricane that erupted the grounds of Florida this past week.


Sadly, on Monday the 20th District Medical Examiner’s Office released the identities of five people alleged to have died because of Hurricane Ian in Collier County.

The list includes all the deaths in Collier that medical examiners concluded were storm-related as of Oct. 7.


Several people have had freak accidents from the water derived from the hurricane. One person slipped and fell and was later pronounced dead. Another couple died after having to run up seven flights of stairs. According to Naples Daily News, one of those victims, SueAnn Shell drowned to death on September 28.

Friends and family were left with loving memories of Sue Ann. “I will always love you till the stars fall from the sky, and night turns into day,” someone wrote on her digital obituary.

How Was She Discovered

After being evacuated from the hone due to the hurricane, the roommate returned home to their apartment on Sandpiper Street and discovered Shell dead.

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