Cardi B Allegedly Only Finds $1083 In Tasha K’s Account


As the legal battle continues between Cardi B and Tasha K, things get more and more heated on social media. As we aforementioned, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper and YouTube blogger Tasha K reached the end of a two-week trial for defamation of character. Tasha K spewed horrible rumors about Cardi B, claiming the award-winning artist had a sexually transmitted disease; used hard drugs, and worked as an escort in the past — among other things. Undoubtedly, Cardi didn’t take the rumors lightly, and sued Tasha K.

Not only did she sue her, but she presented legal documentation proving that the blogger simply lied. On the stand, Cardi told the jury the situation caused her emotional distress, caused her marriage problems, and led to her seeking professional help. Cardi won that lawsuit and now Tasha K has been ordered by an Atlanta judge to cough up $4 million dollars to the ‘Hot Shit’ rapper. According to court documents obtained by, JP Morgan Chase Bank has informed Cardi that Tasha and her company Kebe Studios only have $1,083.02 held in accounts.

Instead of Tasha K just paying the money, she makes a joke out of it by tailgating rumors that all she had in the bank was $1800 dollars; of which she would auction off to her fans for sending in a video telling her what they would do with the money.


Cardi Still Has Yet To Receive Her Legal Compensation

Social media users tore into the blogger, telling her the judge would not find this stint funny and that she was making more of a spectacle of herself for clowning. At this point, it’s unclear of what Cardi is going to do now about getting her money. Similarly to what social media users are saying, however, after seeing the viral video of Tasha K offering to give away what was found in her bank account, the judge may step in and mediate. But we don’t know yet.

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