20 Year Old Purdue Student Killed In Dorm Room


It’s a shame when you can’t send your kids to get an education without them turning up missing and murdered. Undoubtedly, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Varun Manish Chheda, a Purdue student. Allegedly the senior student was killed in Lafayette, Indiana Wednesday afternoon. Ironically, his dorm mate called 911 to report the incident at 12:44 a.m., according to GMA. Currently, according to school officials, his roommate is in custody and is considered a suspect.

Moreover, Chheda who resided in McCutcheon Hall was unfortunately found unresponsive in his dorm room.

Photo take of the dorm Wednesday, October 5/Noe Padilla/Journal & Courier

Nonetheless, currently with a murder charge under his belt, the suspect whose an international student from Korea; 22year old Gin Min Sha is a junior majoring in cyber security.


“I believe this was unprovoked and senseless,” PU Chief of Police Lesley Weite said at a news conference Wednesday.

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“If we did not have the suspect in custody as quickly as we did, we would have absolutely sent out a Purdue alert,” Wiete said. She added the two students were the only residents of the dorm room where Chheda was found. Additionally there was no further threat to the campus from the suspect. 

Furthermore, neither of the students was asleep at the time of Chheda’s death, Wiete said. 

She continued, “Our hearts go out to the victim and his family and friends. I can’t even imagine what his family is going through.”

“This is as tragic an event as we can imagine happening on our campus and our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by this terrible event,” Purdue University President Mitch Daniels said in a statement Wednesday morning.

A senior at Purdue University was murdered in his dorm room on Wednesday. Dorm mate is in custody.

He continued, “We do not have all the details yet. Our Purdue University Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation of this incident so that we all may learn more about what transpired.”

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