Tasha K Is Not Trying to Give Cardi B Her Coins

Arguing that the judges didn’t give her a chance to show Cardi B’s true character Tasha K is kicking and screaming all the way to the bank to unhand that $4 million the rapper rightful and lawfully won in a court of law. A couple weeks ago the YouTube blogger went to Africa. And the rumors began swirling that she was attempting to run away from her responsibilities, namely paying Cardi B the $4million she owes after after the jury found her liable for defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and intention of emotional distress.

Tasha K/Cardi B

However, Tasha K denied the rumors claiming she was simply enjoying a vacation in the Motherland. Meanwhile she still has not coughed up the coinage.


As Cardi still awaits her monetary award, the pair fired shots at one another online on Wednesday (Sept. 14) with Cardi B demanding that Tasha K run her check. She hopped in the comments section of a post on the Neighbourhood Talk of a screenshot of the NYC rapper liking a tweet about lawsuits. The tweet said suing people was only a problem with Cardi doing it.  

“I don’t care what y’all say,” the WAP hitmaker wrote in response. “Cause I bet the same people commenting were the same ones calling me weak, sensitive, and saying I needed tougher skin when a woman lied on my health, father, my mother, and harassed all my friends and family …THIS is what I was fighting for while others laughed.” 

“Someone say my name??” Tasha K replied. ” Nobody said your name,” Cardi fired back before adding, “SEND MY CHECK.”  

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Tasha K Still Refuses To Budge

Meanwhile, the blogger responded on her YouTube account during a live session with her followers. “I will not send a check until the appellate court has stated what I’m sending a check for,” she said in response to Cardi’s demand. “It’s called having the bread to fight.” 


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