DaniLeigh Cancelled A Radio Interview Because She Didn’t Want To Talk To Kendra G


Recently Danileigh had social media influencer B. Simone removed from a Wild N Out episode because she ‘felt awkward‘ assuming that B. Simone and her baby daddy Da Baby had a sexual relationship at some point. But when she tried to move the same way with Kendra G, Chicago’s radio personality; the radio station chucked the deuces. And Kendra G had a few choice words for DaniLeigh.

“We ain’t playing that” radio personality Kendra G said in response to DaniLeigh’s request. Kendra G emphasized in her rant that she’s always had DaniLeighs back even when she was heavy criticized for dealing with her abusive baby’s father, Da Baby.

“I’ve actually been on the radio defending your honor”, Kendra G said.


“DaniLeigh’s in the city of Chicago. I don’t know why. Probably a high school appearance,” she said. “But she was set to do an interview with the morning show and she requested that I, Kendra G, be removed from the interview because she was uncomfortable talking to me.”


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