Chrisean Rock Leaked Her Own Sex Tape


Just over the weekend, the Baltimore artist was on live saying that she took her boyfriend’s phone. Even more so before that, about two weeks prior to this weekend’s fiasco, the pair were out at a bar and Chrisean, born Chrisean Malone; snatched Blue’s phone out his hand and answered it. The person on the other end was silent tho, so there was no drama that night.

If you’re not already caught up to the minute by minute exhaustions aired out on social media between these two, you’ve come to the right place. The Baltimore, MD born reality figure, Chrisean Rock found and fell in love with award winning rapper Blueface from his reality show called Blue Girls Club, which was basically a spinoff of Bad Girls Club. She auditioned for it, got the part to be in the house with other girls to essentially compete for the rapper’s attention.

Welp, that’s what she did and she won herself a toxic situationship that continues to get cringy by the minute. Meanwhile, he’s constantly filming her pissy drunk. She’s constantly going to jail for fighting him in public. It’s just a whole mess. But believe it or not, some folks consider their relationship ‘goals’.


It’s Been An Up and Down Merry Go Round With These Two


Per usual in the Chrisean and Blueface born Johnathan Jamal Porter drama, a video surfaced of Blue and another female being intimate and tongue kissing. After that, Chrisean posts on Twitter that she was breaking up with Blueface and then leaks a sex video on social media of her and the ‘Holy Moly’ hitmaker.

The Self-Leaked Video

Fans had high hopes that she was serious, but she wasn’t because a few hours later, she posted this:

Twitter Reacts To The Video

Meanwhile This Happened

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