Marjorie Greene’s Husband Files For Divorce

Republican Congresswoman Greene’s now estranged husband Perry Greene filed for separation on Wednesday in Floyd County Georgia courthouse. The conservative couple have been married for 27 years, nonetheless Perry Greene’s divorce petition indicated that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”


Perry Greene, tells TMZ … “Marjorie has been my best friend for the last 29 years and she has been an amazing mom! Our family is our most important thing we have done.”


Perry adds … “As we go on different paths we will continue to focus on our 3 incredible kids and their future endeavors and our friendship.”

If you recall, last year she had her Twitter account revoked for quoting false information about the COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, she is not being re-elected due to the divorce as it’s tainted her reputation at this point. On top of that, she allegedly engaged in the US Capitol raid on Jan. 6, 2021. Thus, the plaintiffs had asked the state to disqualify Greene, citing a provision in the Constitution that forbids members of Congress who support an insurrection from serving in office. However, she was ultimately granted grace when Georgia’s Secretary of State re-instated her.

“The evidence in this matter is insufficient to establish that Rep. Greene … ‘engaged in insurrection or rebellion’ under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution,” Judge Charles Beaudrot wrote in his ruling. “Therefore, the Court holds that Respondent is qualified to be a candidate for Representative for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.”


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