Akbar V And Cardi B Are Beefing Hard On The Internet


It all started Monday when Cardi B posted a celebratory post on Twitter in regard to her new music video for her single “Tomorrow2”. The song features GloRilla, garnering over 6 million views on Youtube. So anyway, Akbar V begins to diss Cardi and trying to devalue her efforts with some tweets of her own.


“I don’t really like the internet games…my dms is open and also the streets!” and I dont gotta @ I cange a bi– life just by a mention….AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY, I don’t do the internet.”

But apparently that wasn’t a true statement because that was just the beginning. The two women hurled insults about each other’s motherhood….Akbar V has five children; with whom she’s had some custody issues and such in the past, tarnishing her name as a mom to her kids. She’s been judged highly for allegedly not having her kids with her half the time. So Cardi definitely had a lot to say about that, since she posts a lot on social media with her two kids that she shares with her husband, rapper Offset.


The gloves came off while Akbar continued to criticize her as a parent and accused her of not writing her own music, Cardi wrote more. “I’m about to do something you never do… pick my kid up from school!”

Cardi B Continues To Drag

“You got 20 minutes to talk your sh*t cause after that my attention go to my kids the whole day.”

And Now Offset Steps In The Ring

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