Mystikal Allegedly Forced Woman To Pray With Him Before Raping Her


Michael Lawrence Tyler is celebrating his birthday in and out of court this year. The New Orleans No Limit rapper AKA Mystikal; apparently has no limit to the depth of disrespect he will go to degrade a woman. As previously reported, back in July the ‘Here I Go’ rapper was convicted of first degree rape.

However, on top of that, he was charged with domestic violence, criminal damage to property, battery by strangulation, simple robbery and numerous drug charges.

After spending almost 18 months in Caddo Correctional Center, Mystikal was able to post his $3 million bail Tuesday night after signing a new record deal and with help from friends and family.

Nevertheless, if found guilty, the 51-year-old will face a life sentence under state law. Meanwhile, more details are surfacing about the horrendous crime that took place. It’s been uncovered that the victim is alleging Tyler made her pray with him before sexually assaulting her, according to The Source.


What Prompted The Assault

Apparently, Mystikal assumed the young lady stole $100 from him; before he took his anger out on her. He allegedly ripped braids out the young lady’s hair. After that, he then rubbed alcohol on the woman; and commenced to praying with her before sexually assaulting her. Thankfully, he could do no more damage because the woman managed to escape to Baton Rouge General Hospital where she was treated for injuries.

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