A Three Yr Old Woke Up At Her Own Funeral

Three Year Camila Mendoza Woke Up At Her Own Funeral

A three yr old little girl wakes up at her own funeral and died three hours later. Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza was pronounced dead on August 17 after a diagnosis of a stomach bug. Sadly, she had been vomitting, along with stomach pain and had a fever. Thus her mom, Mary Jane Peralta rushed her to Mexico’s Villa de Ramos where she was seen by a pediatrician.

After that, the doctor referred the family to Salias de Hildalgo Community Hospital for additional testing. Finally, the doctors sent the family home after treating the child for dehydration and prescribing her paracetamol.

The mom was seemingly dissatisfied with the treatment at the facility, stating : “Now they wanted to connect her to an IV drip they took a long time to connect her to oxygen.”

Mary Jane Mendoza is pictured with her daughter in an undated photo.
Facebook / Mary Jane Mendoza

She continued, “They couldn’t do it because they couldn’t find her veins, until finally a nurse managed it.”

However according to the parents of the child; her symptoms worsened when they got home. Hence the lawsuit against the hospital according to El Universal San Luis Potosi. Moreover, during the second visit, the child was locked away in a room where her family could not reach her; according to Mary Jane. After that, three year old Camila was pronounced dead by the hospital. The mom says that before her daughter was taken away to the locked room, she ‘could still feel her daughter hug her.’

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