Black Family Decline Invite To Sesame Place After Being Mistreated


Philadelphia theme park Sesame Place is in the hot seat for being cruel to some Black children over the summer who basically followed them around as they got ignored. They were invited for a second time as a ‘peace offering’. However the family has graciously declined. Meanwhile, they continue to file their $25M lawsuit against the theme park. Furthermore,the Brown family reveal their children are still traumatized from being ignored and mistreated by the Disney characters in the theme park that day.

“We stand here before you today, simply trying to fight and protect little Black children; and their fundamental civil rights”, an attorney Malcolm Ruff said during a press conference.

press conference

The Rosita Character Has Been Removed From Sesame Place

Rosita leaves the Black girls hanging, hands in mid air while the character overlooked them to high five non Black children.

Since the incident it appears that attractions linked to the character (bilingual Rosita) who ignored the children are closed. In addition to ‘The Muppet’ being ‘cancelled’ following the allegations.

Rosita is the only character not present during the theme park’s parade.

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