Beyoncé’s ‘Alien Superstar’ Takes Us Back To Eighties Pop


Renaissance, Bey’s seventh studio album; hit the Billboard Top 200 it’s first week. Beyoncé recorded the album in 2021, after the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Undoubtedly, this album could be considered a ‘Survivor’ (part two) anthem.

The song starts off with ballroom command, telling everyone:

“Please do not be alarmed. Stay calm. Do not attempt to leave the dance floor. The DJ booth is conducting a troubleshoot test of the entire system”, coming in with a strong 1986-inspired dance beat. ‘The Queen’ then hails in a robotic voice that gets deeper every time she says it, “I’m one of one. I’m number one. I’m the ONLY one.” 


Beyonce Gave Us So Many Vibes On This Track

The Grammy award winning artist then hits us with the “Category: Bad. Bish. I’m The Bar! Alien Superstar”. Giving us a little bit of Prince and making you feel like wonder woman. If you grew up in the eighties, you should be able to relate immensely to the beat, the era, the time, and the vibe altogether. Beyonce did her work on this album. She clearly studied and researched music during this era. The creativity on this track is unmatched. The way she changes her voice and contours her vocals to fit into character is impeccable. Overall the song gives women empowerment, controlled vocals, and interpolates. If you don’t feel empowered after hearing this song, listen again until you do. Because this is a strong vibe, and visualizations: “Vintage crystal reflecting off the bar”, Bey says just before giving us the Bad bish category announcement in the song.

Some commenters on YouTube said: “I sing the start of the song to myself every morning before I start my day.”

Someone else said, “I am obsessed with this song! the lyrics, beat, spice, the contrasts…”

There Are 24 Writers On The Track

Then, in the song itself, Beyoncé interpolates Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” when she sings, “I’m too classy for this world, forever I’m that girl.” Those three samples add up to seven credited writers right there. The song altogether includes 24 writers technically due to the samples she used on the track. A fan wrote “So addicted!”

Further, an ode to Black and queer music history, Beyoncé uses the album to honor some of the artists responsible for that history—the liner notes include credits for legendary ball DJ MikeQ, ballroom pioneer Vjuan Allure, drag icons Kevin Aviance and Moi Renee, and more.

What’s more, as outlined by Pitchfork, the official Renaissance credits reveal that Alien Superstar contains a sample from influential woman Barbara Ann Teer. And fans went crazy over this part.

Moreover, the words come from her “Black Theatre” speech.

“We dress a certain way. We walk a certain way. We talk a certain way. We paint a certain way. We make love a certain way, you know?” she says.

black theater speech

“All of these things we do in a different, unique specific way that is personally ours,” she continues before Beyoncé’s voice reappears.

black theater speech

And “Alien Superstar” is perhaps the most obvious example of that homage to ballroom culture: a bold, self-celebratory anthem that makes you feel more liberated and free; proud and empowered.

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