Walt Disney Talks Of Prime-Like Subscription


If you live in America at all, it’s more than likely you’ve heard of Amazon; the nation’s number one leading online merchant. Amazon offers a very inexpensive subscription option for consumers to receive merchandise overnight. Along with free shipping costs for a low monthly fee called Prime. Prime not only gets your products on your door step in a flash; but the subscription also gets you free movies on it’s streaming service as well; providing other small perks for Prime members.

Likewise, another major merchant giant, Walt Disney is planning to copy cat somewhat from Jeff Bezos’ inclusive idea by providing the same options for Disney consumers. According to Benzinga, Disney is literally planning to name their new extension ‘Disney Prime’. In hopes of understanding their consumer’s behavior, the theme park is in the beginning stages of it’s new bundle service.

Alternatively, Disney’s stock has increased amid inflation. So they’re hoping to turn things up a notch. One of the ways to do so is to bring back nostalgic films on their streaming service.


 One of Disney’s best-known feature animation films will hit Disney+ next week on September 8. It’s not going to play at the local multiplex like many of the other live-action reboots that the studio giant has done in the past. 

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