Two People Dead Amid Plane Collision

City Officials Confirm The Crash Took Place At 3 P. M. Leaving At Least Two People Dead

At least two people died in a two plane collision on Thursday. The Federal Aviation Administration reported that a single-engine Cessna 152 and a twin-engine Cessna 340 crashed into each other while the pilots were attempting to make their final approaches at the Watsonville Municipal Airport at around 3pm. 

Police quickly arrived to the tragic scene on Thursday

Moreover, the investigation over the crash is being led by the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board; which are being assisted by Watsonville police; and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. 

Officials were expected to give a briefing about the incident at 6pm PST, but hasn’t happened yet.   


Who Spotted The Crash

A man by then name of Franky Herrera happened to be driving past the airport Thursday. Uniquely, he saw the twin-engine plane bank hard to the right; and hit the wing of the smaller aircraft; which ‘just spiraled down and crashed’ near the edge of the airfield. Further, the crash was not far from homes, he told the newspaper. Unfortunately, the manager of the Watsonville Municipal Airport was unavailable for a phone interview in the hours after the crash. 

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