Wendy Williams Spotted In Public – Mental Health Declining


Wendy Williams is not doing so great these days. The talk show host was seen barefoot in a Versace robe in the lobby of her Manhattan apartment Thursday.

Since her divorce and the public humiliation of her husband’s affair, seemingly Williams’ health began to decline. Shortly after the embarrassment of her publicized failed marriage, she admitted to being addicted to cocaine and checking herself into rehab. Since then, it’s been a plethora of various incidents regarding Williams’ health, moreso her mental health. However inside sources say Williams main issue is that her alcoholism was not properly treated. Claims swirl that her addiction got worse after her rehab stay.

Wendy Williams showed up barefoot in a robe speaking animatedly to concierge

Tenants were baffled that Williams was at the concierge desk frolicking around in her robe like it was a normalcy.


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