New FBI Evidence Alleges Alec Baldwin Did Pull The Trigger On The Set Of Rust

The Defense Attorneys Are Working With Alec Baldwin's Attorneys To Obtain His Phone Records

Even though Alec Baldwin adamantly denies pulling the trigger in the death of Hayla Hutchins; FBI evidence may prove differently.

Hayla Hutchins Death Is Still Under Investigation

As previously reported, Alec Baldwin, while on the set of a movie last year accidentally shot his co-worker with a gun prop. The actor continues to deny claims he pulled the trigger; while blaming another person on set. Additionally, Baldwin claims he was told the gun was a ‘dummy gun’. Which basically means the bullets in the gun were fake.

Alec Baldwin informed that Hutchins did not sustain injuries and passed away

Meanwhile records will be dissected and a case is being filed and sent to the DA to determine if any charges will be rendered. All of this came about because Santa Fe Sheriff’s department reviewed the FBI forensic report. Thus, examining all of the areas of the horrific incident as part of a broader investigation in case any criminal charges can be rendered.


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