Kelis Feels She Won In Beyoncé Beef


Kelis Rogers-Mora is throwing her weight around after claiming Beyoncé and the Neptunes failed to get her permission on the track ‘Energy’ on Bey’s new Renaissance album. The single samples Kelis’s 90’s hit ‘Milkshake’. Beyonce took the hit and removed the track from the project.

A fan mentioned how Bia referenced the “Milkshake” lyrics in her 2021 song “Can’t Touch This,” writing, “Not here to cause problem but genuinely concerned why you ain’t say nothing when @bia did ‘can’t touch this’ and took the whole ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ ?” To that, Kelis answered, “like I’ve said, it’s all a problem. Every single time. But this was personal on many levels which people don’t understand and I didn’t care to go further into. But yes. It is all a problem that I am going to fix.’

So of course the Beyhive came that tail after the subtle threats and seemingly unnecessary drama toward Bey.


“This how U look, and u trying to be mad at Beyonce??? log out Beyonce made u relevant for 24 hrs cause no one was thinking bout u at least thank her,” one of the Beyhive members posted on social media.

Another beyhive member chimed in, “You happy girl? Now u irrelevant again.”

Kelis basically laughed it off, calling the beyhive a joke.

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