Harmony Montgomery Now Considered Dead


As previously reported an 8 year old girl went missing two years ago without a trace. But on Thursday, police admitted the little girl’s disappearance is likely a homicide.

Crystal Renee Sorey/Courtesy Photo of Harmony Montgomery

New Hampshire police are now investigating Harmony’s dissapearance as a homicide investigation. Back in December 2019, the little girl went missing from her home at the age of five and no one reported it. For two whole years. It wasn’t until December 2021 that Harmony’s mom, Crystal Sorey began raising concerns that she hadn’t seen her child for six months.

At the time of Harmony’s disappearance, she was residing with her father, Adam Harmony; who was allegedly extremely abusive to Harmony who is legally blind in one eye. Adam has an extensive criminal background and was even charged in January for assault on Harmony, allegedly giving his toddler child a black eye.


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