Fairfax Woman Died After Being Burned To Death By Possible Boyfriend


According to WJLA, a northern Virginia woman was allegedly set on fire and died Wednesday outside of her Fairfax apartment building. Around 2:45 p.m., police were called to the 2900 block of Willston Place in Fairfax, Virginia. Apparently, the woman was domestically abused. Reports say the woman was set on fire inside of her apartment. However she was found dead outside. The woman may have been trying to save her life by looking for help, which sadly was too late.

Nonetheless, when officers arrived to the scene, they allegedly extinguished a fire that was still ablaze inside the apartment. After further investigation, police say the woman was in fact involved in a domestic dispute that resulted in her death.

Currently, a homicide investigation is taking place.

Detectives Have Identified A Suspect

So far, a witness has described seeing a Hispanic man wearing a white hat a light blue shirt and khaki shorts running away from the apartment during the incident. The man is currently in police custody.


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