Darius Cooks Loses His Lover Behind Fan Drama


The Facebook chef has been under scrutiny for some time now, with over 100 consumer complaints. The chef started a cookbook line, selling and shipping his recipes. However fans began to complain that they weren’t receiving their items, yet the money was being taken from their accounts.

Darius Cooks


Instead of the Facebook live chef being humble and apologetic, he would allow his followers to troll the folks complaining, and they’d eventually be blocked. It got so bad customers began making complaints to the Better Business Bureau about the poor service and money missing from their bank accounts, with no purchase in sight or on the way. Unfortunately, this was the catalyst to an all out brawl, going back and forth with insults and threats between customers and trolls, etc. Nonetheless, his partner could no longer take the death threats and drama surrounding the scandal. So he bounced.


Hopefully things die down and the dust settles, because babyyyy this is a hot mess.

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