At Least 25 Dead After Kentucky Flood Wiped Community

Piles of Muddy Flood Aftermath in Ogden Hollar, Kentucky

A Kentucky flood spiraled out of control in one of the poorest places in America. Thus, at least 25 people have died amid Kentucky’s fatal flooding that happened this week. Governor Andy Beshear projected that the number would increase significantly.

“From everything we’ve seen, we may be updating the count of how many we lost for the next several weeks,” Beshear said Friday.

“It’s not just eastern Kentucky,” according to CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar. “You have cities like Memphis, Nashville, even stretching over toward Charlotte, North Carolina, that also have the potential for some flooding because of the amount of rain we expect. Most areas likely to pick up one to three inches. But there will be a couple of isolated spots here where your’e talking four to six. Four to six alone can trigger flooding concerns…in addition to when you’re talking about the ground already being saturated.”

Rescue Crews Continue To Struggle To Gain Access To The Slumps

Thankfully, the rain finally stopped Friday after parts of east Kentucky frayed paths through 8-10 inches of ineffable muddy waters during a 48 hour timeframe.

However Gov. Beshear says a final death count from the flood may not be “for weeks to come.”

Gov. Andy Beshear

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