Black Man Joined White Co-Worker On A Cabin And Ended Up Shot and Killed


A White co-worker of a Black Jamaican man admitted to shooting and killing the Black man on December 12; yet claims it was self-defense. Thus, getting off scotch free. According to PEOPLE, the 29 year old victims family is calling the murder a ‘modern day lynching’. I mean, isn’t that what’s been going on anyway? Look at Kyle Rittenhouse.

Apparently, as long as you’re not a minority; you can go around shooting and killing people, even unarmed. And all you have to do is say ‘self-defense’; and you’re free to go. Peter Bernardo Spencer, 29, of Pittsburgh, was shot nine times – with two of the bullet wounds to his buttocks and one through the neck; after being the only black man invited on a hunting trip with four other people to rural Rockland Township on December 12.  

Meanwhile, another murder that took place similarly – is where a Black girl met a White man on Bumble. She met up with him for a date. Then later turned up missing, with no explanation from the man she met. He was able to walk free, while the victim’s family searched for answers. Eventually her body was found, and the suspect was hardly even questioned after he said ;he’s a nice guy and wouldn’t do anything like that’.


What Happened

Anyway, back to this particular story. The man who was murdered is Peter Bernardo Spencer, a Jamaican immigrant. Sadly, Spencer was found dead with nine bullet wounds; after being the only black man invited to a white co-worker’s Pennsylvania cabin.

Undoubtedly, the sad part is that the man who killed him was not criminally charged. Moreover, private medical examiner Dr. Cyril Wecht said: ‘It’s like looking at someone who got hunted down; which is absolutely horrifying.’ The suspect, who has only been identified as a 25-year-old white man; has admitted to the shooting but claimed self-defense, according to the family.

“We believe in this case that there is enough evidence presented for self-defense; that we are not going to be able to overcome our burden; and show this was not self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. And for that reason, there will be no charges filed against the suspect in this case,” attorney Shawn White said during a news conference.

Obviously the lack of accountability came as a devastating blow to Spencer’s family; who had been seeking answers for more than three months. After being “ghosted” by authorities, as the family alleges; they organized rallies in their home town of Pittsburgh. Until someone is held accountable, Spencer’s loved ones say they will keep pushing, praying and waiting for justice.

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