Congratulations to Jesseca Dupart and Da Brat


Rapper and radio host, Da Brat married her twin flame on 2/22/22 in Georgia on Tuesday. The wedding date was significant because 222 in numerology; is an angel number. And one that we won’t see again for another 100 years or so.

As a result, the pair chose that date to get married. She and her influencer/multipreneur fiance; Jesseca Dupart, tied the knot and of course they did it big. Of course Da Brat’s sister, actress Lisa Raye McCoy was in attendance. Jesseca’s close friends; Supa Cent and Tokyo Vanity stood by her side in several pics; smiling from ear to ear. The occassion had many layers to it just like the Kaleidescope CEO’s personality; vibrant, loud and full of life.

Da Brat Gets Ready For The Big Day

Granted, the hollywood rumors about the couple dating began about two years ago; when the pair kept being spotted out in public together. DaBrat kept it on the low, however; until she decided to introduce her girlfriend to the world.


So Solidified

However, her sister, Lisa Raye McCoy was a bit bothered that DaBrat didn’t tell her privately. Instead, McCoy says she found out her sister was engaged on social media like the rest of the world. On the contrary; DaBrat claims she was setting new boundaries; and just going with the flow; not telling anyone anything before it was time.

Clearly the two sisters made ammends and put their differences aside for DaBrat’s big day. We all know Lisa Raye only wears all white, but she made an exception for her sister’s wedding day, which meant a lot to DaBrat.

March 19, 2016 – Source: Gotpap/Bauergriffin

Sister Moment

Even The Cake Cutting Was Extra But We Were Here For It

They Partied Like RockStars Yasssss

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