You Could Be Owed A Huge Refund – Apply By August


With the inflation inflating...who couldn’t use an extra ‘stack!’ This refund is part of a $147million agreement between Western Union and the federal government. But the deadline to apply is in August.

Sadly, more than 4million households have been impacted by the failure of their energy supplier since the beginning of last year.

However,those customers were moved to a new supplier. Then they were told to wait for any credit on their old accounts to be transferred.


In each of these scams, investigators said the fraudsters convinced their victims to send money through Western Union.

No victims received the promised cash, prize, or promoted item.

The FTC said consumers will get compensation for 100% of their verified losses. As part of this resolution, Western Union will enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the DOJ and a consent order with the FTC. The Company will pay a total of $586 million to the federal government, which is to be used to reimburse consumers who were victims of fraud during the relevant period.

However, the refunds are going to people in the US and other countries, including many older adults who lost money to grandparent, lottery, sweepstakes, or romance scams.

 Western Union also will take specific actions to further enhance its oversight of agents and its protection of customers. Those actions were be reviewed by an independent compliance auditor for three years, beginning back in 2017.

Whose Eligible For The Money

You may be eligible for a refund if you sent a money transfer through Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017; or if you were the victim of fraud. 

Additionally, if your recognized loss amount is less than the amount you claimed in your petition, and you believe that amount is not correct, you may request a  reconsideration of the decision. 

Ryan Sullivan, a clinical associate professor at Nebraska College of Law, told The Sun: “Anytime you have a government agency or Attorney General involved and they found there is good cause to pursue a claim; you know it’s been thoroughly vetted.”

Mr Sullivan said: “Even if the money may be nominal, being part of a settlement or class-action suit is sending a message to all corporations that they cannot take advantage of consumers.”

If you previously filed a petition and received a refund, no further action is required. You are not eligible to file a new petition.

This is the second round of payments related to the Western Union settlement.

In March 2020, refund checks worth about $153million went out to more than 109,000 people.

How To File A Claim

To file a claim, you need to go to WesternUnionRemissionPhase2 and click on the petition form.

To be eligible, your form must be completed online or postmarked by August 31, 2022.

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