Wendy Williams Uses Upcoming Biopic To Slander Ex- Husband’s Mistress

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Wendy Williams: The Movie and the sequel, What A Mess’ documentary is due to air this weekend on Lifetime Saturday, January 30.

On Tuesday on the Wendy Williams Show, she played a clip from the movie where she calls out her ex-husband Kevin Hunter and names dropped his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson and their 2-year-old daughter, Journey.

” I can’t believe how fearless I am” Williams said on Good Morning America.


” And I can’t believe how many people have been drawn into my situation over the twelve years that I’ve been here entertaining you on television. Welcome to Hot Topics Sharing Hudson. Getting out of my car with my money. Good morning, Journey. I think she’ll be there next month, don’t ya know?”

But in the midst of promoting the project, Williams admits to having a one stand with Method Man. She claimed things got steamy after smoking some weed together, during an interview with DJ Suss One.

” I smoked a blunt with Method Man while I have him a bath and it was a one night stand”, Wendy and exclaimed. ” He’ll deny it…maybe not”. She told Suss One that she invited Meth over a fight broke out in the club one night. And when asked if they went all they way, she adamantly answers,”Yes!”.

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