Exclusive: More Details Reveal Cops Moved Slow In Uvalde School Shooting


More information continues to surface in the case of the Uvalde school massacre. There were cops that allegedly ran from gunmen; while he sprayed 100 rounds and killed 22 students for 77 minutes. A Uvalde police officer has come under scrutiny after new security footage from the Robb Elementary School shooting shows him checking his phone with what appears to be a “Punisher” lock screen.


In case you didn’t know, the Punisher, a vigilante known for using lethal weapons in his one-man war on crime; made his Marvel debut in 1974. However, in recent years, the character’s logo has been co-opted by police officers, military personnel and extremists

Leaked photos show police stalling in the hallway, while using hand sanitizer, scrolling on their phones before running from the gunmen.
Footage showing Salvador Ramos walking calmly alone in the hallways armed with his rifle on a killing spree

Presently, however during this massacre, after all the alleged negligence during the shootout; footage has surfaced of an officer withholding a victim’s father. Obviously outraged and trying to save his daughter, a helpless father is apprehended outside the school. Additionally, the parents of the victims are upset that the footage was released without prior approval. Video from inside Robb Elementary School on May 24 shows heavily armed law enforcement officers waiting for orders as 19 children and two teachers were under attack in a classroom only steps away.


The leaked video was shared by the Austin American-Statesman and local ABC affiliate KVUE on Tuesday. The footage is from security cameras outside the school and inside the hallways. There’s also bodycam video from one of the responding officers; cellphone video and 911 audio; which were all edited together.

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