Disturbing Gaming Videos Posted By Illinois Gunman Robert Crimo


The 21 year old Illinois parade shooter is now charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. Robert Crimo fired over 70 shots randomly into a crowd of parade attendees.

People and children scattered after gunshots fired at Illinois holiday parade 2022

Although his uncle whom he resided with along with his mom; they both claim they never saw any red flags leading up to that fateful day he killed 7 people. However, a news outlet discovered gaming videos where Crimo’s avatar would stand on rooftops and shoot down at his opponents.

On Monday, the 21 year olds avatar stood armed, on a rooftop with a Smith &Wesson rifle and killed seven people, injuring 83 people

In the gaming videos, gun shots can be heard ringing loudly; while players are heard laughing. In another video, Crimo posts what looks to be an early morning shot of Central Ave. in Highland Park; where he committed the murders on July 4 2022.


Prosecutors Plan To Add More Charges

Although Crimo is charged with seven counts of murder, prosecutors say they plan to file more charges.

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