Robert Crimo Dressed Up As A Lady To Disguise Himself During Massacre

21-yr. Old Suspect In Highland Park, Illinois Shooting

After taking his mom’s vehicle for eight hours, 21- year old Robert Crimo went to a fourth of July parade and opened fire, killing at least seven people. After firing 70 rounds into the innocent crowd he dropped his gun, and went to join the crowd, mingling in with everyone else left alive that he hadn’t killed.


Seemingly and strangely enough the suspected killer is obsessed with numerology. The numerical date of July 4th is 7/4 and the next President would be the 47th. And he tops it off with a tattoo of the number 47 on his cheek as well as a sticker with the number 47 on his mom’s vehicle.

The gunmens mom’s car whom he put a 47 sticker on it to symbolize fourth of July backwards, the day he committed the killings.

So far, the police have not named any motives for this heinous crime. However the night before he committed the crime, Crimo’s uncle whom the boy was living with said his nephew behaved normally Sunday night.

Police on Tuesday revealed he owned multiple weapons, including two rifles – one that was used in the attack and another that was found in his vehicle when he was arrested at 6.30pm last night. Crimo’s motive remains unclear, but police say he had been plotting the attack for weeks

Crimo, 21, has not yet been charged for the massacre but he remains in custody and is speaking with the authorities.


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