Akron Ohio Braces Itself For Police Shooting Footage To Be Released


Another questionable death at the hands of those who swear to serve and protect us.

Police say Monday’s incident started when Jayland Walker drove off after officers tried to stop him for a motor vehicle violation about 12:30 a.m. in Akron’s North Hill neighborhood. Walker allegedly drove onto the highway; and police said he fired a gun from the car.

Traffic footage released by Ohio Department of Transportation shows a single cruiser chasing Walker onto the highway around 12:31 a.m. Monday. A second cruiser appears moments later.


From a camera overlooking Akron’s I-77; 10 cruisers can be seen closely following Walker at 12:35 a.m.

According to police, Walker drove onto Interstate 77 and then exited into the Firestone Park neighborhood; where he jumped out of a moving car and ran. Nevertheless, police said they chased him on foot into the parking lot and that they fired at him after saying he presented a “deadly threat.” The chase lasted about four minutes, according to CBS News. After the chase, Walker’s car came to a slow moving rate, he omitted himself from the vehicle, so at that point he was still alive. However, the vehicle continued to roll forward, as officers tried to stop Walker from running by using stun guns. But police say the stun guns weren’t working so they resorted to guns.

After that, Walker was handcuffed on the ground; and pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 1 a.m. Since then, the city of Akron have been enraged and demonstrating with protests on the disparaging reality of racial injustice.

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