Jim Jones And Freddie Gibbs Get Into Physical Altercation


Now these men know they are too sanctified…well old to be fighting in this day and age. But here we are. Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs laid hands on one another after much talk back n forth online about some old beef between the two.

I guess Grandma was nowhere around apparently to ‘turn em loose. Anyway, on December 14 2021, rapper Freddie Gibbs and the Love & Hip HopNY cast member took the beef to another level and got into a physical altercation in Miami.

What Had Happened Was….

For starters, the two entertainers have had an ongoing beef. It all started in 2014 when Gibbs allegedly called the “We Fly High” rapper a “p***y”. The name calling stemmed from an alleged shooting that took place. But it came to a head on December 14, Gibbs, 39, was reportedly dining with his crew at Prime 112 in Miami when they ran into Jim Jones, 45, and his crew.


According to the Sun, Gibbs started the fight as Jones and his team were leaving the steakhouse; according to VladTV.

DJ Akademiks shared a screengrab article from VladTV where reports of the alleged altercation first emerged.

He captioned the post: “Exclusive via VLADTV – According to sources, a fight between Jim Jones’s crew broke out with Freddie Gibbs’s crew at the swanky restaurant, Prime 112, in Miami.

“Apparently, the two sides bumped into one another while at the establishment and a fight ensued after words were exchanged.


Jim Jones Denies Everything

In an interview with DJ Envy, the convo went like this:

“Allegedly, you and Freddie Gibbs got into a little tussle,” DJ Envy said.

“I don’t tussle, baby. I don’t know what they talking bout, man. Rumors fly,” Capo responded.

He then gave some advice: “You wanna be doing music, right? You’re the artist? You’re the rapper? These dudes around you need to take you as the most important thing in this group. If something happens to you, nothing’s ever gonna amount to nothing for them. They won’t get to where they wanna go with you as their vessel. Therefore, they need to hold you to the highest regard of all.”

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