Biden Proposes New Gas Purchase Off Gulf Of Mexico and Alaska


On Friday, President Joe Biden and his administration proposed an offer to purchase 10 oil and gas leases. Former President Donald Trump previously called for a plethora of off-shore drilling opportunities as well. Before losing the 2020 election Trump [on behalf of Interior officials] proposed 47 sales; including 12 in the Gulf of Mexico and 19 in Alaska.

Nonetheless, Biden would officially govern one in the Gulf of Mexico; and one off the Alaska coast over the span of five years. Undoubtedly, this isn’t the first time a lease sale went sour. Back in January, the Interior Department put a freeze on lease sales due to climate concerns. But the department was later forced to resume them by a Louisiana district judge.

Currently, there’s a 30 day hold on a new plan; which could potentially lead to decreased oil production. On the contrary, environmentalist who voted for Biden are now frowning after Biden promised to end new drilling in federal lands and waters. However, the disgruntled members of society now have 90 days to complain. And then a final plan must be submitted to Congress.


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