Ben Affleck’s 10 Year Old Son Backed Lambo Into A Benz

Ben Affleck's 10 Yr. Old Son Had A Fender Bender In A Luxury Lamborghini

Sunday afternoon, TMZ obtained pics of Ben, his fiancee Jennifer Lopez and his son Samuel Garner Affleck; enjoying some family time at 777 Exotics; a Beverly Hills luxury car rental dealership. According to the outlet; Ben allowed his test out the vehicle and have just a little bit of fun by hopping into the front drivers seat of a banana-yellow Lamborghini; which retails at $230,000; by the way. Apparently, when little Ben jumped in the drivers seat, he accidentally hit the gear shift and ransacked backwards into a BMW.


Ben Affleck Went Easy On His Son

Despite the catastrophe, no one was hurt and Ben remained calm. In pictures and videos released from the incident online; Samuel can be seen emerging from the car after the small accident. In the pictures, Ben can be seen walking towards the car after the accident. In other pictures, Jennifer Lopez and Samuel can be seen laughing the incident off; while Ben is talking to an employee.

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