Mark Meadows Is No Longer Cooperating With Capitol Riot Panel

Former White House Chief of Staff is pulling out of the dialogue about the riot that took place on the U. S. Capitol on January 6.


His attorney, George Terwilliger, confirmed with Fox News Tuesday;; that his client has made other provisions to deliver data to the panel. So the committee plans to move forward with contempt proceedings against Meadows.


“We agreed to provide thousands of pages of responsive documents and Mr. Meadows was willing to appear voluntarily; not under compulsion of the Select Committee’s subpoena to him; for a deposition to answer questions about non-privileged matters. Now actions by the Select Committee have made such an appearance untenable; Terwilliger said in a letter to the committee obtained by CNN.

Meadows was scheduled to appear before the select committee on Wednesday. In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon; committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., warned that they will go forward with the deposition as planned.

“If indeed Mr. Meadows refuses to appear; the Select Committee will be left no choice but to advance contempt proceedings and recommend that the body in which Mr. Meadows once served refer him for criminal prosecution,” they said.

They Decided Not Prosecute Meadows

Although the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Meadows, a judge questioned the validity of that decision. The judge invited the Justice Department to address “its view as to whether Plaintiff is entitled to absolute or qualified testimonial immunity from the subpoena at issue in this case.”


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