Tisha Campbell Speaks On Sex Trafficking


Longtime actress Tisha Campbell had a sex traffic scare in February; where she claimed “she almost got snatched up.” According to her representative; the false alarm resulted in the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ movie cast member to file a police report about the alleged fiasco with police in South Padre Island, Texas.

“She’s very traumatized by the whole thing,” publicist Courtney Barnes said in a phone interview. Adding that Campbell, who is no longer in Texas; filed the report on Monday.

There was back and forth about the specifics of Tisha’s police report; such as the county the report was allegedly filed. Regardless, long story short; the controversy started when TMZ reported that Campbell made the report in Brownsville, Texas; not S. Padre Island.

Thus, leading fans to calling her ‘Tisha Smollet’, after Empire actor Jussie Smollet was found to be allegedly lying about a racist attack he claimed that took place.


Campbell’s rep Barnes; said that his client had “gathered an understanding” of how sex traffickers operate; from when she assisted on a project with anti-sex trafficking activist Toni D. Rivera. Nonetheless, Tisha claims to have noticed some of the red flags she’d been warned about, and “got herself out of the situation” that took place outside of her hotel.

A Different Story Comes Out

After all, it turned out that although the ‘Martin’ actress had been working on an independent film in the Brownsville area; she was staying on South Padre Island; which has it’s own police department.

“Don’t freak out; but I think I almost got snatched up”, Campbell hysterically says in an Instagram video she posted on Jan. 28.

During the short video; the House Party movie star mentioned there was no Uber service where she was reportedly filming.

However, after calling for a taxi; the TV star noticed there “was a guy in the backseat” when the van arrived.

The supposed man from the backseat allegedly told her: “Get in.”

After she rejected him, the taxi driver allegedly said: “Get in the front seat.” 

After she escaped from the alleged ordeal, the actress reported the incident to the front desk.

Tisha claimed that the attendant did not know why she was given “this number.”

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