President Biden Fell While Bike Riding In Delaware

President Biden Had A Fall Saturday While Bike Riding Near His Rehoboth Beach House In Delaware

We all know that even though President Joe Biden is ‘seasoned’, he’s still pretty active. A lot active than most anyway, due to well… his job perhaps.


Anyway, on Saturday, he was bike riding near his beach home in Rehoboth, Delaware and took a fall for about 10 seconds before he pulled himself up along with the help of his staff.

However later that evening; according to Daily Mail; to prove he was perfectly fine, he hopped off the steps of the church. The White House reported that he didn’t go to the hospital afterwards.

Daily Mail/ Joe Biden jumps off church steps to prove he felt fine after taking a tumble during a bike ride in Delaware.

‘I’m good,’ the president told the press who witnessed him fall; which transpired around 9:30am.

white house press

The bicycle that sent President Biden toppling over to the ground during Juneteenth weekend appears to be a well-worn, Trek FX 1 Disc; a lightweight hybrid bike meant for rides over varied terrain.

Moreso, a former Trek employee identified the $599.99 model to The Post with “high confidence,” but cautioned “it’s really hard to tell — that thing is ancient.”

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