13 Year Old Boy Shot In The Back By Police With His Hands Raised

13 Year Old Fighting To Walk Again After Being Shot In The Back By Police With His Hands Up

A 13 year old boy was shot in his back by police at a Chicago gas station on May 18 around 10:30 p.m. The boy fled from police after being identified in the passenger side of a vehicle he was riding in. However, once inside the gas station parking lot area; he attempted to comply with the officers before they shot him, causing him to be paralyzed, with a major spinal injury with no use of his legs.


Identified as A. G. by his family; you can see him on video surveillance being chased into a gas station parking lot by the police. As he’s cornered at this point, he raises his hands in surrender as an officer shot him.


After that the officer drug him by his feet and clothing to a different area.

The Shooting Is Under Investigation

The family’s lawyer, Andrew M. Stroth, stated: “This is an especially egregious case.” A.G.’s mother; Cierra Corbitt said, ‘they had no reason to shoot my child.’ And according to the initial complaint filed by the boy’s family: ‘CPD officers did not render immediate aide to A.G.,; but instead callously dragged him across the pavement; and then turned their attention to an uninjured officer; who crashed into a sign trying to come onto the scene.’

Officer crashed onto the scene running into a stop sign

The statement continues, “Rather than render aid to a 13-yer old boy who ws shot, they dragged his body without car or consideration; possibly further aggravating his already severe spinal cord injuries,’Stroth told DailyMail.

Adding insult to injury, the officers wouldn’t confirm if A.G. held up his hands at the time of the shooting. Moreover, a witness claims the boy did comply with the officers demands saying:’They [police] said, “Put your hands up, put your hands up!” The witness continued, “The boys hands were up. There’s other people out there that seen it. I got it all on my phone-his hands were up. He didn’t have a gun. They shot him for no reason.”


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