Russians Are Holding 3 American Soldiers Hostage

Two American Soldiers Are Being Flaunted By Russians Like Fresh Caught Prey

Russians have tied at least two American soldiers’ hands behind their back; forcig them to repeat, “We do not want war”.


The families of the veterans are pleading with Biden for help. The US State Department has confirmed that it is in contact with the families; although it cannot yet confirm that John-Robert Drueke And Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh; were actually captured during a fight in Kharkiv last week.


Moreover on June 16; a Russian blogger posted pictures of the arrested soldiers on a Telegram channel with their arms behind their back with handcuffs on.

On top of that, unfortunately, however a third American was captured in Ukraine; as confirmed by the spokesman for the US State Department, Nel Price, quoted by CNN. It is about Grady Kurpasi, a veteran of the Marines for 20 years after retiring in November 2021.

A video uploaded on Friday shows  U.S. Army vet Alexander Drueke, 39, and Marine Andy Huynh, 27, captured by Russian forces and denouncing war after the video essentially went viral.

The men initially went missing on June 9 after an ambush by Russian soldiers.


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