Biden’s Energy Secretary Insists High Gas Prices Should Resolve With An Electric Car Purchase

Biden's Energy Secretary Says Everyone Should Just Get An Electric Vehicle Amid High Gas Prices

Jennifer Granholm who earns $8 million a year insisted on Tuesday that everyone would have save $60 every gas trip if you’d just purchase an electric vehicle.


She also brought up the same point in May 2021, this same time last year”If you filled up EV (electronic vehicle);and you filled up your gas tank with gasoline, you would save $60 at the pump” she said.

The Biden administration official appeared on CBS, CNN and MSNBC’s morning shows to discuss what the White House was doing to combat rising gas prices after President Biden wrote a letter to oil executives, threatening them with emergency action if they don’t increase production.


The CBS Co-Host Asked Granholm About “Unsustainable” Gas Prices

Keep in mind; she serves as Director at Proterra, which is an electric vehicle company. On top of that; she made an investment through stock options at Proterra that gave her a gain of $1.6million dollars.

“At what point do these [gas] prices become unsustainable?” Miller asked Granholm. “And two, ironically, does this push us closer to renewable energy?”

“I don’t think there’s a silver lining,” she said, adding; “Pain does not have a silver lining,” Granholm answered.

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