Super Cute Viral Photos Trend The Internet Of Jay Z And Blue Ivy

A Truly Rich Man Is One Whose Children Run Into His Arms When His Hands Are Empty"
-Author unknown

Jay Z And Blue Ivy Are Seen At The Celtics Game

As if we didn’t know she was already a star like her parents, bit watching her grow up is amazing. She showed up with her Daddy looking like a big girl. And she’s definitely got her Dad’s height. She’s really growing up into a beautiful young lady.

Blue Ivy Is Looking Like Little Beyonce

During the game in which the Warriors beat the Celtics, 24 Grammy winning Jay Z, along with ‘Brown Skin Girl’s hit maker Blue Ivy; received recognition on the jumbotron.

Since 1996, the “Girl,Girls,Girls”hitmaker continues to blaze big trails in the world; from hip-hop and beyond, by releasing material favored by the masses both as a soloist and collaborator to music’s biggest stars — not limited to Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Kanye West and; of course, his wife Beyoncé.


The Carters are trending this week after Beyoncé announced her new album coming out next month. Leading up to the announcement, Queen Bey wiped her social media clean, sending fans in a frenzy.

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