Tweets From 2017 Resurfaced Of Saucy Santana Shamefully Talking About Blue Ivy


If messy was a person it would definitely have to be Saucy Santana. The whole nerve of this man to talk trash about Blue Ivy and then try to sample Beyoncé’s beat is just absurd. But on Saturday he performed the song that just dropped featuring Big Latto; after Beyoncé gave him the green light to use her music for the track.

Get it into this gems….openly gay rapper named Justin Harris known as Saucy Santana from Bridgeport Connecticut; apparently thought the coast was clear; after he deleted some sickening tweets he posted about Beyoncé and her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

The former MUA for rapper duo group, City Girls; was confronted by social media users after tweets of him insulting Blue Ivy Carter resurfaced online. Moreover, in the posts; he referred to her as “nappy-headed,” and said that Kim Kardashian‘s daughter, North West, looked better than she did. He also insulted Bey’s looks; calling her “dry” after someone complimented her pregnancy glow.


But, nonetheless, he still showed up in Houston on Saturday to perform his new single, ‘Booty’ ; smack dab in the midst of the controversy. Not only did he show up; but at the end of his performance, he popped his box shaped behind to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love beat, reciting her antics and lyricisms.

Saucy Santana Refuses To Take Accountability For His Tacky Behavior

As of yet, there’s no word from Beyonce or Jay-Z.

He goes on to say…

Regardless, it’s unbelievable he went to Beyonce’s hometown and the Beyhive didn’t at least boo him off stage. It’s also ironic that he didn’t even apologize while he was there. Such a bold move. It seems like he thinks he’s untouchable. But karma never misses, so hopefully he knows what he’s doing. It’s unfortunate that Black men, gay or straight would degrade their own race, a child at that!

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